February 11, 2021
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Bathroom Part Three

February 11, 2021

FOLKS! Happy Valentine’s Day. I wanted to celebrate today by writing a blog post, which is unusual for me. It hasn’t happened yet in the *long* history of this blog. It’s the third odd numbered post, making it a double odd numbered post, so it’s fitting to do something different.

The bathroom has been a popular theme for this blog and I’m going to add to it by talking about showering. Specifically, R and my first shower. I had always imagined our first shower together being quite erotic. I think because it fit into my fantasy of having my caregiver be my lover. I imagined being in blissful ecstasy in a steamy shower scene, with R showering me with water and kisses, then wrapping me up in a warm towel and embracing me for hours.

That isn’t how it went.

Instead, it was a seemingly mundane and mildly erotic task. It felt more practical, the goal was just to get me clean, not to be *dirty*. It almost felt just like any of my other caregivers giving me a shower, except both parties were naked. 

At the point of the shower, though, R and I had been living together for over a month. So we were basically an ancient couple at that point. Being mundane is almost dirty when you’ve been together this long. And one of the best parts of being in a relationship with R is that we both like to be boring. It’s not a very high pressure relationship, much to R’s chagrin.

I think I fantasized about the shower because I had no idea what it was like to be showered by anyone except for my caregivers. As someone with DMD I'm quite isolated and don’t get to experience a lot of things, and being showered by a lover seemed magical because I hadn’t experienced it. In the end a shower is a shower no matter what, it doesn't really matter who you share it with, as unromantic as that sounds.


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